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How hard is kayaking the Undiscovered French Broad?

You don't have to be an expert to kayak with Lazy Otter Outfitters! The Undiscovered French Broad through Henderson County is all flat water with no rapids to maneuver. However, there are some hazards in the river - primarily downed trees - that you'll need to avoid. We'll give you a full rundown of safety procedures and tips on how to successfully navigate the river, but in general you'll be able to avoid any trouble simply by paying attention and planning ahead as you go.

That being said, anybody - whether a brand new paddler or someone with lots of experience - can end up falling out of their boat. That's not a reason to panic, but because the trips are unguided, you'll need to deal with such a situation yourself.  We encourage you to paddle with a partner, and everyone on the trip should be comfortable in the water (wearing a life jacket, of course!) just in case.

Flat water paddling can be fun for just about anyone! Lazy Otter co-owner Leslie took her novice paddler mom on a trip just to prove it!

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