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Lazy Otter Boats & Floats

Explore the French Broad your way!

Lazy Otter Outfitters has a variety of kayaks, canoes and other ways to paddle or float the French Broad River. Reserve early to make sure you get your choice!


Standard Solo Kayak - Old Town Twister

The Twister is designed for stability and ease-of-use by kayakers of all levels. The molded-in seat is contoured to fit most body types comfortably. It includes a cup-holder and well large enough for a small cooler. Weight limit 275 pounds. Here's a review (scroll to the bottom).

Deluxe Solo Kayak - Liquid Logic Coupe XP

The Coupe XP sports a padded seat and additional storage options as well as a paddle holder and skeg for tracking. Weight limit 260 pounds.  Review

Tandem Kayak - Jackson Riviera

Jackson's Riviera brand is built for stability and fun for both the beginner and the experienced kayaker - or one of each! The rear deck holds your gear or a small cooler. Weight limit 450 pounds.  Riveriea info/reviews

Canoe - Scout SS

The Scout SS canoe has three comfortable molded seats (not mesh or drop-in) so all paddlers and passengers can be comfortable. There's room for a large cooler and integrated fishing rod/cup holders. Weight limit 765 pounds.  More information

Stand-up Paddle Board - Nalu 11' Hybrid

The hybrid design of the Nalu gives you a choice - stand up to get the full paddle-boarding experience, or sit down and attach the extra fin to the paddle to keep going as a kayak! In either case this is a good, stable board for river touring. However, it is available only to those with some experience and comfort on a SUP who are over the age of 18.  Weight limit 275 pounds. Read some reviews of the Nalu here.

Tubes - TubePro RoyalBack

Our tubes are commercial quality with backrests, cup holder and handles. The small size is 44" in diameter, and the large is 48". Most people close to average size will prefer the 44", but heavier and taller people might prefer the 48". Weight limit 280 pounds.