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The Ecusta Trail is finally becoming a reality!

Since Lazy Otter's founding in 2016, we've been telling our guests that the abandoned, overgrown train track that lines the other side of our property from the French Broad River will someday become the best public greenway in the state of North Carolina. In 2022, it's finally happening! Thanks to the tireless work of local and state officials, Conserving Carolina and the Friends of the Ecusta Trail and its many volunteers, construction of the 20-mile recreational trail is underway now.
But there's still a lot of work, and expense ahead. Conserving Carolina has launched a capital campaign to fund trail construction, and Lazy Otter is helping raise the needed money. We will match the first 500 contributions from our customers who check the box on our reservation form to add a $1 donation to their booking total. And soon, we'll all celebrate on the trail together!
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