COVID-19 Information

Protecting the health and safety of our guests and staff

Lazy Otter Outfitters is committed to the health and safety of our staff and guests during the pandemic. Here are some of the key steps we are taking to protect against the spread of the disease:

  • Limited capacity - No more than four people may be booked online on any single availability from either one or multiple groups. This is to allow for sufficient spacing between people on the shuttle bus. If you have a larger group and are willing to shuttle some or all of your group in your own vehicles while we take care of the boats we may be able to arrange for that, so give us a call to inquire.

  • Tubes are not available because of the need to physically assist tubers at our takeout.

  • Equipment cleaning - We are taking additional care to clean and disinfect paddles, life jackets and boats between use, and wiping down surfaces in the bus and elsewhere regularly.

  • Outdoor check-in - You will not need to enter our building to check in for your trip. All check-in and safety briefing activities will take place outdoors.

  • Self Help - Traditionally we always like to be able to help each guest into and out of their kayaks and get them launched, but for everyone's protection at this time all participants should expect to launch themselves and get themselves out of their kayaks at the end of the trip. Lazy Otter staff will be on hand to help in emergencies only.

Other policies and procedures will be explained during the briefing before your trip. Rest assured we will do everything we can to provide you a fun and safe experience!